What type of grants are available? – Grants Management Contracts

There are three types of grants available for applicants.

The Basic Grants are a series of funding opportunities for applicants who are in a low income range and who are applying to start a new business. They are designed to help students, and others, start a business at a reasonable investment.

The Entrepreneurship Grant is an opportunity tailored to entrepreneurs who have been given a pre-approved Entrepreneurship Grant.

The Senior Fellows Grant is a very short-term support which can be used for those who are already working in the industry after completing their masters degree.

What type of courses will it be offered in?

The program will focus on entrepreneurial entrepreneurship from student’s first experience at the institution. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to start, manage, and support new businesses in an up-and-coming market.

The Entrepreneurship and Development Master’s Degree Program will focus on three key areas: design, entrepreneurship, and training. Students will be able to:

build a business plan and work in an environment of innovation to create business plans for different products in new industries

have the opportunity to design new business models to maximize returns

examine the value offered by entrepreneurship

be able to develop and apply the skills of entrepreneur in their own business

What are the admissions requirements?

Students will need to be able to demonstrate to the admissions committee their financial capability and ability to successfully engage in the business environment. Candidates must submit an application package comprising a three-page profile and supporting materials, a copy of the university transcript for graduate study (one page is required), a letter from their school, and any relevant supporting documents that may be relevant to the role that you intend to play. There is an application for each applicant. The transcript should contain information from all of the universities that they attended and their transcripts which may include: courses, test placements, academic record, and graduation dates. If you have already been accepted to a university, it is recommended that you prepare the following documents:

You will need to meet the admission requirements for a programme in business before the admissions requirements apply.

What is the application process?

The application process will require applicants to write a three-page profile for the opportunity to apply to the program. You will not be required to submit any other documents other than your application package. Please note that you will be asked for details of your previous work or research.

Your profile should include:

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