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A cash grant is a grant the government makes to people as part of providing health coverage for themselves and their family members.

Cash grants are funded from a special levy paid by individuals and families making income up to the limit.

Who pays the levy and how does it work?

The levy is a tax imposed on any business in Ireland that uses a company’s premises to sell insurance.

The levy is payable by the business if you and others who are insured by them get a bill or charge for health insurance, with the levy charged at a fixed rate – usually 15% of the charge.

The levy is usually paid by the company, but may be paid by the individual or individuals whose name is on the policy.

Cash grants are also paid by insurance providers, usually insurance companies, to cover individuals who have been offered a cash grant to cover health insurance premiums or the cost of premiums not met.

Who can buy health care from an insurance company?

In 2016, more than 200,000 people bought health insurance or paid the cost of their premiums on one of the health fund’s payment plans.

The most commonly purchased payment plans are private health cover and individual, community or private health insurance.

Private health cover is the same as the public scheme health cover sold in health benefit centres, but has no cash or interest components.

The biggest group of people to purchase private health cover is single mothers who buy private health cover.

Is a cash grant or cash pension an alternative to Medicare? What is required in order for it to be considered?

No, these are not alternatives and they are not guaranteed to work in place of Medicare.

Health cover offered under these plans does not have a cash component but the premium cannot be less than €35.

There is no requirement to pay for the purchase of health cover under these schemes either.

However, as there may be a cash component with some of these schemes, these tend to be the more popular.

Cash grants are not a ‘one stop shop’ for health care and cannot be used for private health coverage. They should not be confused with the single state guarantee for all those who need to have a paid medical visit and it must be paid in order for a payment plan to be considered.

Health Coverage for Children in Europe

How can I get my children covered after they were born?

Children born under 6 years and under 24 months will not

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