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The UK’s top health insurance regulator has said the number of people who have health insurance is growing and many are unaware of the changes that have taken place on the national insurance front.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) report states that there was a 19 per cent increase in new insured customers in 2012.

However, it has now been revealed that the number of people with private health insurance across the UK is growing by around 3 per cent a year – yet the number who know where their policy is at has dropped by 20 per cent.

The HSCIC report reveals that of those on benefits in 2012, 46 per cent had a policy in a private plan, while a further 22 per cent were insured online.

The organisation’s Director Chris O’Halloran said that the increase in insured people makes it difficult to understand that this represents the whole body of people.

“The public still have some doubts about what they are receiving when they go to a GP,” he added.

The number of people without health insurance has increased by more than 8 per cent to around 1.5 million from 2004.

The HSCIC report shows that while many people have heard of and even had an account with a private health insurance provider, much of the coverage they have had is “simply a word on a form” and the benefits they receive often comes from the private plan or hospital.

HSCIC’s Director said that those who use the system in Britain are often unaware of the benefits they are getting from the NHS, as well

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