Can skeletons talk?

Could she have just made the same sound as the human skeleton in the video?” So, the question is could the skeletons actually talk? If so, they must be capable of expressing a lot more than the simple ‘hello’.
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The first thing that I found about the question in question is that there are two possible answers. The first answer is that it’s a joke. The second answer is that it’s a joke.

In the question, there are two questions to ask. The first one is whether the skeletons are talking or not. If they are speaking, then the first question is that they can express their thoughts. If they aren’t speaking, then the first question is whether or not they are still alive. In other words, a “hello” is enough.

One can’t talk unless you are able to communicate what you are thinking. So in this case, since we know they can express their wishes, whether or not they are talking is irrelevant and is a moot point. Therefore, the question of whether they are talking or not is irrelevant. I guess we could say that since the answer is yes, they have done so. If not, then we have another question; is they alive?

For example: I am writing this letter to you without reading it. In my view, the answer is yes. So, this might be a reason for why they are able to talk. The main difference I see with their “Hello” is that it is clearly a conscious effort. This may be the reason why I do not understand what they are saying. Therefore, I think they are alive, and hence the answer is yes. Again, what do I think is the real reason? You are the one who has the answer.

A question like this one of my readers might also ask; when I look at the skeletons and see “Hello” written in big letters on their skin, I am saying that I don’t understand what they are talking about. But is the skeleton alive? If it is alive, then I think the answer has to be yes.

It’s a real thing to ask! In fact, in a world full of mystery, questions like this one can provide answers that no one would have thought out. The best example I can give is the “Skeleton in the Window Puzzle”.

How does a skeleton know how to open the window? Well, a skeleton knows that it must open the window because when someone pushes a dead body towards it, the skeleton then