Can you learn ventriloquism? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Dvd Burner

I know there are videos online.

JEAN-PHILIPPE CANTILLIER: Yeah, there are a lot of YouTube videos. But I’ve never been trained in ventriloquism, so I’m trying to help with my English, because I’m doing very bad, in French, so it’s really hard. That is why I’m hoping to use my music to bring it together, which would be really fun. So, yeah, I can help you.



TONY JONES: So, what exactly would be the way you would help her? How would you make it more fun? Because you know, I guess for that type of audience, where she’s going to be playing and singing, you can understand exactly what’s going on right when she’s singing the words.


TONY JONES: You have to keep it interesting! Right? You’re not just like, “Hey, let’s start dancing and sing along”. Do you have a system of musical notes you have to work out that she can hear?

JEAN-PHILIPPE CANTILLIER: I think, yeah, it’s really interesting, actually. If I have some notes for her, she can tell what I’m saying, so if I play some songs, I’m singing them. She can tell when there’s some kind of a chord, so if she hears a chord, she can tell me that.

TONY JONES: But you’ve got to have some rules.

JEAN-PHILIPPE CANTILLIER: Yeah. But if she can understand in order to follow the piece, that just adds a nice layer of interest. You know, that’s going to be part of the fun, I think.

TONY JONES: Let’s hear it, Jérémie. I’m going to get to ask you this one. Your favourite musical event?

JEAN-PHILIPPE CANTILLIER: Yeah, I’m so lucky to have had the privilege of going to some really interesting shows and getting to meet like – they are like the rock stars. You know, I’ve been around the rock stars a lot.


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