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When you are out and about on the street, you have to deal with the most annoying of all the senses: your eyes see a lot more, and you can hardly hear anything you say.

But when you sit still in a room and observe the action you perform on the screen, your head is much more open to things you find interesting, exciting, or exciting.

With the help of the Kinect sensor you can learn to identify the way your body moves, and how it sounds in the moment. Using the eye-tracking, you can learn to understand facial expressions, read body language, and even learn to control any motion. (See next page for video demonstration).

This amazing technology has been developed by the University, together with a leading global company, Intel.

“This is an exciting and significant development in the field of gesture recognition in games and entertainment,” said Dr. Giorgio Occhipinti, from the Centre of Human and Virtual Intelligence at the University, who led the development of Kinect and spoke with us from his home.

“In principle, you could read a movie from its words, for example, or learn to see faces from their expressions.”

It is also possible to perform more complex tasks than simply “reading” lines on a screen. In fact, the developers have already shown how it can detect whether you are looking at someone or not, or whether you’ve already seen a face or not.

A lot of things could go wrong if these technology is not used perfectly – just imagine an AI character who runs the camera to a specific point and asks you to shoot him a message, then asks you to choose from seven choices. You’d say I am not sure, and the computer would start searching for patterns in your body language, then it would ask you to repeat the process – so the result would be the same.
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Even though the technology is very basic, its potential is tremendous. I recently made a video about my experience with Kinect, which you can watch below. A lot of people can’t get over how excited I am when the camera starts moving in front of me (my girlfriend, in the middle).

By using the Kinect, we can read your body language and even manipulate them. We can pick up on how we want to move the camera relative to ourselves, or just to a subject, for example – and turn out any motion that is off-target.

For example, when you walk towards a

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