Did Matt Bennett actually do ventriloquism? – How To Learn To Do Ventriloquism

According to the Washington Post, “When he walked out the door that evening, there was no audible noise from his mouth,” so he must have heard himself or his partner saying, “Bravo.”

If you’re reading this and have absolutely no idea what Matt Bennett said, here’s a transcript of it (click on link):

“I’m not gonna lie. I think the most popular song of last year was the one by Bruno Mars called ‘Gangnam Style,'” Bennett said as the crowd applauded. “I think that song was really powerful. People just get it. I think I know why it was that popular. It’s the way that it’s delivered. I think that’s why it was so good. It’s really raw, raw emotion. That’s why this song, I think, will stand out.”

Here’s the full transcript:

“Bravo! Bravo! And also, I heard I can do a little bit of ventriloquy. I’m not gonna lie. I think the most popular song of last year was the one by Bruno Mars called ‘Gangnam Style,’ (inaudible) … It’s raw, raw emotion. People just get it.”

Matt Bennett (right) performs in London’s Hyde Park. Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Why wasn’t he wearing a shirt with the song?

“Some people thought that might happen, so I wanted to make sure that if we did the song we took the time to put it on as a shirt, but we made sure that I was dressed up and it wasn’t the sort of look somebody might be used to seeing me in during the day,” Bennett said. “I was dressed up for a party I was going to the next day. It was very relaxed.”

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In the course of writing a book about the lives of American workers, I found a rather unique question: Did unions help or hurt the American economy over the past 50 years?

A few people asked me this question. Not all of them were interested in my actual answers. I didn’t share many of their questions either. But I do know a lot about this question because a few weeks ago an old friend asked me the same question. So now I’ve asked it myself, without the benefit of the Internet.

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