Do Cat and Robbie end up together? – How Do Ventriloquists Throw Their Voice

I don’t know. Maybe, but I hope not. I don’t mean to be mean-spirited, but I’m getting really attached to Cat and Robbie.

As for what happens after that, I really can’t say! It’s on the table, but I don’t know where it is at that time.

In the comics, it’s sort of a big cliffhanger, where they find the secret to killing Gwen Stacy? In your book, it’s very much less dramatic.

Yeah. It’s a lot more, “let’s put a bunch of stuff in this book about the end of things, and let’s just pretend that it’s about the beginning. We have a lot more of a story here than I ever had in the ’80s.” And my first three graphic novels were all about the “beginning.” So, that was my focus.

The book has a great cover that’s been in a lot of comic shops around the country (it was in the U.K. in one of the new Star Wars #1 ads, and on…). What is it like doing things in an iconic movie poster art style?

It’s really cool. I grew up loving Star Wars, so I was just excited when Lucasfilm decided to do a series of covers for the movie. It’s got a great nostalgic feel when you see something that’s not a real person. I’d been working on the covers at The Big Bad Book for a long time, and for me, the covers at The Big Bad Book are the ones that make these new Star Wars comics really exciting because they get you thinking. You can tell somebody that this is the real Star Wars and not just a movie poster. So they get excited. I would love to do it a million more times.

In our conversation, I also talked about how I wanted to do it in the present and present tense. So in the Star Wars universe you start the story at a time when the Millennium Falcon is shot down and Luke is stranded in a galaxy far, far away. I also thought it was really cool that this story is set in the ’70s. What does that mean for modern-day Star Wars fans? Could you say anything more?

I always say that Star Wars comics are the future of comics. And right now, comics are the past. The comic that I would have liked to have done is the 1960s movie. I

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