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Will the final episode of the season be called “The Final Episode of Rex”? Do the “reaper” episodes last for months on end?

The answer depends on your answers to a few questions I have about the show: how they got that title (the name of the show is already the name of the writer’s room), the length of any of the episodes (“there’s only one and it’s almost up,” as one production staffer would say to me), and how they tell the story. The show’s story is a complicated one, but I figured I’d try to do a short rundown of the series at the start.
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1. It began in the desert. At the time when season two of Twin Peaks was going into production (2009), the original show’s first season consisted entirely of the town of Twin Peaks in California, the home of its main characters, who are all (except for the Sheriff of the town, played by David Lynch, and Deputy Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan) played by the same people. One of these people is the guy who goes to the hotel where, in the beginning, Laura Palmer’s body is found. The second person is a cop named Kyle MacLachlan. That is, until later on, when a young man named Jim Dale is killed.

This is a great place to start the history of the show. In any case, before the police department was built in nearby Twin Peaks, a mountain was carved out and the area became the setting for a mystery thriller called Twin Peaks. The show aired between 1969 and 1971, and ran for two consecutive seasons. It was at the top of its game, with its signature set-building, mystery, violence, and surrealism. The plot was always something you couldn’t really predict until you first had seen the first episode. The show starred a young woman (Laura Palmer) who was obsessed with a mysterious man named “Kyle MacLachlan.” It starred the Sheriff’s deputy whose character became a staple of the series. It starred David Lynch, the man who turned television into art in the 1960s. Then, it starred the real Twin Peaks Police Department, a small department that existed in an obscure suburb of the town of Twin Peaks. It starred two detectives who would later become an integral part of the show — and one other character (not necessarily related to Kyle). It starred Dale Cooper — now known to fans as Sheriff James Rosenman — and Kyle himself — known as Agent Dale Cooper.

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