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For the moment…

If you want to find some more detailed information about the story itself, here you go:

Or in a very general way, here’s some information that was published by The Lost World of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on May 3, 2010:

“A little known fact about our beloved little friend, Rex the dog, lies on a simple sentence by Mark Twain:

“One day the boy had written and told us all that the animal ran away as soon as he saw the sign on the door.”

In a funny way, however, the story really is not that simple at all – so many of our fellow Neopets have asked us about the story of Rex and his escape when they had heard of it… and of course, Mark Twain told it too. And now, in order to have some interesting background information about what happened to the famous pet, and to give our readers a look into one of the few cases when a Neopet had succeeded in escaping from a human’s grasp – we present to you:

The Little Mystery behind Rex’s Escape and the Story of the Goblet of Fire! This is a very interesting article on “The Mystery Behind” the story and how it happened. It gives you all the details that you need about the little mystery. I especially like the summary below, from the story:

“It is said this one was lucky enough to meet a little girl when he was in the zoo and decided to sneak in through the side door. The owner did not even notice this, much less the little dog. He just stood there for about 15 minutes, not going out, staring at the fence… The gate was open enough to let him pass. The owner walked back inside and when he returned the day after, the poor little dog was gone! His owners had not seen him for about 14 years so, of course, they didn’t realise it was still there. Of course, that is just speculation on their part, but we think we’ve figured it out now. No doubt, the owner must have come back into the house and opened the gate to let the young dog out so he would not be seen wandering around outside. It was all over in about 15 minutes or so, when the owner got back from getting the children, and was quite sure that his little dog

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