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I think the most important thing is to play your ball to its full potential and throw it where you want it. If you throw the ball away from a line of play, it won’t go where you want, and that’s the way I’ve always thrown.

With a little more than two months to go before the beginning of the upcoming school year, teachers and staff from many of the area’s schools are being handed on lists of the top teachers they would like to keep in their classrooms.

For many school districts across the nation, the lists of whom to keep have been sent by email to teachers and administrators. In an effort to keep good teachers around, the requests have often focused only on those who have taught for years, a practice that is making it difficult to keep up.

“You know, I have this list of teachers I think people are gonna hate to see here, that’s why I’m trying to make it better,” said Jim Johnson, administrator of the New Braunfels High School in New Braunfels, Texas. “What I’m hoping is that people look at the list and have an idea of a person that they’re gonna love. They can do what they want with it. In the end, if the teacher doesn’t like it, they can go get another job and leave the school. We can’t have that right now.”

“But if I didn’t use this list, I would be a liar,” added Linda Koonin, administrator of San Marcos High School. “It’s my list.”

To help keep more teachers in classrooms, districts should try and retain some who have already taught for years. When a district decides to send out a list of prospective teachers to candidates, it is always up to the teacher’s discretion and it is usually based on factors like how long the teacher has taught and how long that teacher has been a part of the entire school district workforce. It would be one thing if each teacher was a different age, so that the districts could keep track of who they would like to keep around and how long they have been there. But that would be incredibly difficult, as there are thousands who have been teaching just long enough to be on the list.

“We’re trying to bring in the best of the best, so I can’t do that,” said Johnson. “We’re trying to get people that have a deep connection with the kids and students.”
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School districts must have a process in place in

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