How can I throw more accurately? – Maher Ventriloquist Course

You can start throwing with greater precision to improve your accuracy. Here are two articles to learn about this:

How to throw less accurately and more precisely.

Faster throw tips.

This is the second article in our series on throwing with precision. If you’ve read this article, you can skip to step 4.

3. Keep your body and your hands stable

If your shoulders, hands, and hips are all swaying or you have a limp, you are putting your body and the target at risk. The problem is, the muscles of your body are not designed for this. As a rule, if you don’t have control or balance, you have no shot.

Your arms need to stay on the right side of your body so that you can fire a long ball. You need to stay in a stable position. Aim for the centre (as opposed to the tip of your finger) of your target. Ideally, you will have something around your thumb that connects your hand to your wrist. If that is not an option, try having your entire body in a straight line from ear-to-eye.

4. Find a good target

Find a good target and aim correctly.

You may not need a target. You may find yourself having difficulty aiming towards where you want to go. Aim for the centre of the ball with one hand. Once you’ve got it, aim to the side of your foot with the other and shoot at least twice at the centre.

Avoid aiming directly at the ball – aim at the centre of the ball.

Try to find a spot within about 200m of the ball and take aim. Find a spot where a big group of people will be. If you can, try shooting from this area at intervals throughout the workout or as a warm-up after a session.

5. Practice with an aim stick

Practice with an aim stick and practice shooting.

A stick is a lot like a ball. The stick is designed to be a solid object. When aiming for the ball, you need to shoot it with precision, but it doesn’t hurt to practice shooting, too. Try to aim for the same spot over and over again. Some people find that they can hold their aim steady for long periods of time and get the maximum accuracy from their shooting.

Don’t be surprised if your aim shoots up after you shoot for the first time. That’s because you have just pract

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