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All the students I work with at my private class, have some basic knowledge of how to hold a pen and read, but that’s about it. They don’t think very much on how to perform this particular technique. I find it most enjoyable to show them the following step-by-step guide, so that they can learn and perform it just in one day. I always begin in the position of the teacher, which is the most important position to start from.

The teacher’s posture:

The teacher’s posture should be in the following position:

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The student:

The student stands with her hands touching with the fingers facing back

The teacher, facing them, holds the pen so her back is pointing towards the student. Her heels should be slightly closer to her knees and her hands should be touching with their fingers at the same level as her back and the pen.

I want to give a few pointers in this example, but this is for beginners who are a bit more advanced.

When using this technique, start in the position of the teacher, which is most important – the most natural position to start from. There are many ways to hold a pen, but there is little point in trying to learn how to hold a pen. If you are using a pen that has been specifically designed for ventriloquism, you probably do not want to try new technique. Learning how to hold the pen should be at the forefront of every classroom session.

A quick note on the tip grip – this is a very helpful tip for using the tip of the pen to hold the pen against the palm. It allows more room to write, which is very important for beginners who have trouble remembering their pen tips. If you don’t have a tip grip, you can always buy one at this link:

Tip Grip for Beginners

Tip Grip for Ventriloquists

The pencil tip is used to help the pen write down the number

The student:

In the starting position, the student rests her elbows on her knees. As far as she can stretch out her arms, each elbow should be directly under the back of the other. As far as her fingers are concerned, the pointer finger should be placed on the top of her index finger and the middle finger on the side of her index finger. The pen handle should be placed directly between her index finger and her thumb. The student then leans forward and pushes the tip of her pen against the

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