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Is it a tight lid?” And there are two different kinds of tight-lidded lips I remember from as a kid. One with an exaggerated “g-string” or a “lips with no neck”, which is also not nice. The other kind of lips that’s more like a small triangle that kind of looks like an eyelid, or like a tiny nose. The two different shapes and sizes help when you’re looking into or trying not to look into a person’s face.

Also, I have a different set of “flashes” or “flashing” that helps with my pronunciation, so if you’ve gotten really good at what you’re getting at, I suppose that helps.

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I try to get on the air with my voice as often as I can. If you’re not getting on the air, I hope that you read this and get up on your feet and start practicing as soon as you can, because you just might be surprised with how good your voice is. I remember that when I was in junior high I was always saying “thank you” or “welcome”. But in high school I started saying “wow”.

I have a great friend named Dave Buford – who I also mentioned back there in the intro – and he’s gotten better and better at doing it. He and I really hit it off. Anyway, he says he’s the one that helps everyone, so I’m like, “Hey, listen.” Dave’s like, “I do voice lessons.” And I’m like, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m going to do voice lessons, too…” And then he goes, “Sure, why not?”

Once I’ve gotten good at singing, I usually do a series of private sessions for a group called The Voice Foundation, and we’re singing together once in a while and just practicing things. When you’re singing the words to “C’mon Baby”, that’s your real voice, you know what I mean? If I’ve just got to say “girly”, I’m singing my real voice and then singing it in a way, maybe a little more girly than I was used to.

But once in a while we’ll come back to the old-fashioned style, to kind of make you a little squeakier and that kind of thing. But more in the old-fashioned voice, you know?

So I think you get these things, especially the kind of “vocal cords” that

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