How do you close your mouth? – Maher Course Of Ventriloquism

Are there any special ways, like a knife or some kind of tool?

We have very good tools that help you close the mouth.

If you have a small mouth, you can put a needle in it at the back of the lips. If you have a big mouth, you can put a needle in the back of the tongue. If you have a large mouth, you can put a needle behind the ear and through the back of the ear.

It’s a very, very simple thing. We have really good, very strong tools. Now if someone else touches me the next day, in my mouth, I will be very upset. I will feel very nauseous.

If I touch someone the next day, in my mouth, there will be no reaction. It’s a very simple process.

What is your blood alcohol concentration? Are you driving?

You can’t drink and drive. There’s some other drugs and alcohol, but not drinking and driving.

Some people drink alcohol, others don’t. I just got out of jail. I was drunk.

What would you do if I got drunk and struck you?

I’m sorry if you’ve been drinking. I would apologize to you, but you must remember that I’m the kind of man who will protect you if you are drunk, even if it’s only once in ten days or fifty. I can’t be a hero and give you a drink. The only time you are allowed to get a drink is when you get home from the hospital and I am drunk. If you get drunk enough, the bar owner will give you a drink. I can’t give away a drink, but if you get tired it is fine.

When I was drinking, maybe I knocked you off balance, but I really don’t know if that is what happened. That would be unfair to you, even if it happened twice in ten days or fifty.

Did you see where he fell? Did you hear what happened?

I couldn’t hear anything. I was scared.

Why are you scared?

He fell.

You didn’t see how he fell.

No. I just went to my car and went back to the bar. I know what happened.

Was someone on their way to the hospital?


If you hadn’t seen him, did he have trouble breathing?

How To Build A Ventriloquist Dummy

Are you okay with this

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