How do you make a puppet? – How Does A Ventriloquist Throw His Voice

Well, like any puppet, you start with an empty space.

The easiest way to create an empty space: place the box on your workbench, or use a desk or shelf to rest it. Then place a piece of paper or waxed paper on top of the box for extra support. Then use a piece of tape around the edges to seal the box.

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Now the hard part begins! Make the puppet. All you need to cut is a piece of cardboard of about 24″ x 72″ x 16″. Take a template (from the “make a puppet” tutorial) and cut the template for the top. Next, use some tape to secure some cardboard, making it look like a heart.

Now you can begin cutting around the heart. In this picture, you can see three pieces that add up to a heart shape. Cut the cardboard that is cut after the heart and the one that is cut before, to make the heart in this picture the same size as the heart. (The first piece is the heart. The last piece is the head and bottom.)

Now you can use cardboard to create the eyes. Take cardboard and start cut an eye shape. Start at the inside of the eye making a straight line from the top of the eye to the bottom. (The bottom of the eye is at an angle so you can start at the top of the eye) Then cut the cardboard that is cut as a straight line from the inside of the eye up to the edge of the eye and start moving it all along the same line and back down. The edges come first.

Then use tape to make it seem like there are teeth on the inside of the eye. Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the edges of the eye to make it look like there are teeth. Then do the same with the other edge of the eye. If you want the eye to have teeth start at the outside and make the edge at the top of the eye longer (in this picture, the bottom edge of the eye is longer than the top.

Then you can start wrapping with the same type of tape on the other side. It helps to start with the outside and wrap on the other side of the opposite eye. Repeat this by wrapping the heart that we made after the eye and beginning on the inside and making the edges longer and wrapping the back on the opposite side. You can also put tape under the box to make it hard while cutting. The tape is needed a second time to

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