How do you make easy puppets at home? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdfab Download Free

My first video tutorial is here.

It shows you how to make easy puppets from clay. I also include instructions on how to make some more complicated puppets.

Please read the instructions on the website and do not get confused. If you can put the two parts of the instructions into one sentence, do it, otherwise, just get out the materials, assemble them, attach them to the legs, attach them to the head and arm, and make as many as you would like. This tutorial only covers two different ways to make the puppets. (1) With a small rubber glue set (I use a 6 pack, or a 5 bottle. No one will notice), set the glue on a piece of styrofoam with the same size rubber bands as all the pieces, and glue each rubber ring to a rubber band. Then, I attach the joints on the back of the head and the arm on the pieces of rubber. (These are not to be used as joints for connecting strings.) The other joints may or may not be glued too, but they get very easy to glue once you figure it out. Once the head and arm are made, I make some simple puppet strings or rubber bands with all the parts that need to be made, and then do a bit of string or rubber band glue. Then I take an object, like a pencil, and just connect it to a rubber band with two small rubber bands and attach it to the back of the head and arm. If you want to, you might add a head and arm that do not need to be glued together to the puppet.

If you decide that the puppet you want to make is too complex for you to make at home, the other YouTube tutorials below show you how to make some puppets with just the pieces needed.

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