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In a non-standard language, you would go straight up and say “eek” and “wah”, as an expression of contempt. You don’t go through the motions in English.

When I went to talk to them, I couldn’t get them to say one thing, but everything else was totally different. Most of them were just doing nothing.

Aisha said she was trying to get her dad in to talk to her mother, but she couldn’t. She said: ‘Well then, let’s take an escalator, and let’s walk. Let’s take the escalators. Let’s walk the escalators! Let’s take an escalator!’ Aisha said ‘No, it’s the stairs. There’s stairs, there’s stairs, there’s stairs’ and she was trying, but she couldn’t.

She said ‘But, what’s wrong with stairs?’

The man told Aisha to ‘calm down’ and walked away. Aisha tried to talk to another man, but he wasn’t listening, and the man was very distant. ‘I don’t want to talk to you, go away!’ she said and then tried to walk away, but the man was in the way and it was really slow because she got tangled up.

Aisha said: ‘Are you going to talk to me or what?’ Then she got down to the floor, but the man was on the first step and was following her. When she was about 10 steps down, she had to jump over him, and then she came out at the floor as far away as the door.

She said to me: ‘That’s your mum’s bed! Take an escalator!’

After going down for a while, she said we could start from there. So we started from there.

But I’m not from a country of stairs, and I have got the flu. I could only move one way. I just started to walk, and it was so slow.

We started and she saw me starting to walk and she screamed ‘What are you doing coming into my house? What are you doing? What are you doing?’

Before I had even started walking, one of them went through the door and started hitting me upside the head with the butt of their gun. I felt like I was in a whirlpool. I don’t know how it had come down, but it hit me in the right side of the head. The back of

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