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I ask because I asked that question in two distinct ways when I was talking to Chris Hays a few weeks ago.

First, I wanted to know if you ever talk to a puppet directly in front of a camera? If your answer is no, you’re in for a fascinating and, it seems to me, an honest lesson in the difficulties of working on a TV show.

My second question was more subtle: why didn’t you call me directly, as I had asked after the episode aired?

I can understand the difficulty of being up-front with a television network. The reality is network TV often does not have all of the information you’d like — a network could easily show someone a picture of a dead girl for a moment and then not let you know that that death was not, in fact, a joke.

You know that image of the girl in the wheelchair on a road in Thailand? Not really sure what was meant when she said it, but I think you know exactly what I mean and it’s important to know the context. Here’s how I understand it.

On some network TV shows, the producers have an understanding of whom they’re going to air: who is actually involved at the table read and what they’re going to do with the script, and they have to make decisions about who should be interviewed and to whom. Most network TV shows don’t have the information to do that — they don’t have the information, so how does someone get away with it if they’re going to do that? If you just talk to a human, then the TV network does the talking for you and can easily see through that. And if you’re someone who has actually had to talk to a human after you’ve done an episode, well, that’s when problems become obvious.

I mean, as I said, the people you talk to at your table read are people who have a lot to do with the story and who have been working hard on their script and that’s where you get the details about who that woman was and what happened to her. It’s important to have that information but if they’re not going to share it, well … I’m not sure how you could tell — you just can’t. It’s not like you don’t know, but it’s not like it matters. That being said, I’m glad you asked the question because I think most networks don’t ask that question. And the other reason why I didn’t ask is because, as

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