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Well, I just try to talk him out of doing anything really nasty. And just try to just have him laugh and not be angry when he does it, ’cause it’s a bit hard sometimes. But he’ll just roll over on me, and I just kind of look at him.

I think it’s good that we are at that age now, because sometimes as a child you try and convince yourself that you’re the best at some stuff, and you don’t realise how difficult it is to learn new things. In the puppet business we are learning how to be puppetry masters, and how to act.

But yeah, I think our work goes on through the whole lifetime of people. It’s like the children’s show ‘Weird Muppet Show’ and the children’s series of ‘Weird Science.’

It just goes on.

It does. So I think they don’t know all the tricks of the trade until after they’ve been in entertainment business for their whole lives.

Can children learn to do this work?

It’s a very, very challenging and complicated art. I think you do need a lot of experience and education in front of it, just because I think it’s not like the other things that people do. Because as adults we’re doing more and more of what we’re used to. It’s not like going and doing an impression of some famous person that has walked on the red carpet.

So, you are a bit of a guru.

Yeah. It is.

What was it about the work of puppets that made you want to do it? Was it the money?

Well, I just came up with the idea. Because a lot of times puppetry is not well understood. It seems so simple and so obvious, it seems like it would just come out of nowhere.

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But puppetry is a very complicated art. A lot of it requires learning the techniques, and the craft. And it’s the craft that you get to have when you go into business with someone.

What advice would you give to aspiring puppeteers?

You’ve to have at least some experience doing other things before you come back into this and start doing it.

You have to spend a long time working at it before you learn the way the others do. It’s very difficult.

Did you think you were getting into this because you could afford it?

I didn’t think I

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