How do you talk without moving your lips? – Learn Ventriloquism For Free Online

– That was one of the hardest things, and now he could speak completely normally without his lips moving at all. He opened his mouth to speak but the air brushed right past it…

“Mmmm… Yes… That’s it… Take it slowly…” – He had never felt this hard before but it was much better than when he could only manage a bit of oral sex with his grandmother. The pain was still there, but with much greater intensity now. He tried to concentrate on his words with his mouth and tongue but it was incredibly difficult – every time a word would come out, his mouth would move suddenly, his teeth would scrape against his roof of teeth and his tongue would brush past his teeth and make a sound like it was sliding across the floor. He was sure that he was going to pass out in an instant.

“What is that?” – Harry started to look around as he tried to hear what his mother was saying.

“Oh! Um, no, it’s you… Yes, my boy… You’re the only one that can speak normally like that. The others have the same brain as a human, you’ve got just enough magic to keep up… and the rest of them are useless.” – The mother was still speaking to him calmly, but her voice was shaking a bit. Harry had never seen his mother this emotional – like a child she just couldn’t stop crying at any moment.

“Oh! You mean I get to speak like a normal person, too?” – Harry thought that she must be really happy! He knew that it wasn’t like a normal family, but the woman was really happy talking to him again.

“Oh, my boy… And your mother? I’m sure she was worried because she doesn’t have any children of her own and she has no memory of your birth. As soon as you become a proper wizard, you’re free of these pesky memories…”

“I’m not worried…” – He nodded, trying to imagine what his mum looked like in the mirror. He had no memories of himself, his body looked like a pile of bones. He certainly wasn’t the tallest person in the room, but at least he didn’t look like a baby.

“Then you can just keep talking like this!” – The wife sounded thrilled, despite her previous doubts. Harry could feel his father’s arms around him again, it was so comforting.

“Yeah, I can!” – Harry was glad that his father’s

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