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I really like using puppets, and I was trying to learn how to do it so I could put it on a puppetry thing, and we’ve never been good at it, so you never learn, and then you get a problem! So I’ve never used puppets. I just make my own movies with friends and people who can’t do it. (Laughs.)


AVC: You were in one episode of Arrested Development. Was that an audition?

LB: That was one of many episodes I’m in. I auditioned, and I was supposed to be the principal of this drama, which is the drama that is the basis of Arrested Development, and it’s really weird because I went to see the director of the show’s script and he read it and he saw things like that and I was like, “What is going on here?” And then he asked me to come in to talk to him and he talked to me, and then he told me that I had really good chemistry with the actor that I was supposed to play. So I got into the pilot and I was in the pilot, but I never really got a chance to work on the show. I had been in other movies at that point and some people I was working with at the time that I had been a co-star of with. And then I had done a bunch of improv in college where I was in theater productions, and I got all my friends together and we’d do something like a sketch show, and it got pretty big. So I got another project, and I didn’t want to do any films anymore, so I kind of got that gig on that. And, you know, it’s just weird because I like to think that I made movies. I don’t really do any acting, so I make my own films. So I really would have liked to have been in more movies! But I was on Arrested Development for like 16 days, so it’s weird. [Laughs.]

AVC: That episode was also a very funny episode of Arrested Development in retrospect, because it felt like the show was already done with you as a principal. Were there certain episodes that you were particularly thrilled with as it ended?
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LB: I feel like we’ve all read the season finale as far as what happened. It’s a really great episode. So many of these characters do the worst thing and you kind of have to watch those episodes again and reread

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