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“You’ll take a few.”

(Newser) – When it comes to a great big house, there’s the old saying that “You never know who will live there,” so it’s surprising that a couple of New Yorkers are giving a new twist to the old saying. According to the New York Daily News, the couple who own a $2.35 million home in Manhattan’s Park Avenue South are planning to split up in six months’ time. The house belongs to James and Linda DeRosa, and they’re already planning their divorce. They’re also trying to cash out. In an interview, James revealed his plans in an interview with the New York Post: “I’m not going to have anyone live in my house forever.”

James DeRosa: “You have to move on quickly after a breakup.” — Newsday (@Newsday) April 9, 2015

The couple, who both own business consulting companies, has had a long-running rivalry: James DeRosa owns a $1.7 million, seven-bedroom mansion that just moved into the neighborhood.

After a rocky start with their first marriage, James and Linda have been married for 21 years and have one child. For a while, they tried to keep the relationship private, but a family tragedy changed everything. And, according to the Daily News, Linda filed for divorce from her husband last July. She recently paid $6 million in property taxes to take them off her taxes in April, and filed in court as they have. She and James are separated, but they’re on the go to get their divorce finalized. “They need the money for the divorce and we need to move on quickly after a breakup,” James said last week, according to a report by NBC. “We have to start over from scratch.”

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