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There are only three: Charles Grodin.

(Source: Associated Press via CNN)

TAMPA — The NFL draft is officially just days away. Teams are in full frenzy mode right now, trying out players and making moves.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, however, have a different focus for the draft, a chance for them to win a first round pick this year.

It’s not just to improve their roster; they’re putting great stock in that first pick for a big reward in the next draft.

So, why is it that the Bucs aren’t getting a first round pick this year?

The Buccaneers have already made the move that was expected and signed quarterback Jameis Winston to a six-year, $95 million contract this offseason.

General manager Mark Dominik has said the Bucs are going all-in on the quarterback. The Bucs will have about $40 million in cap space next year, when Winston will make $18 million.

Winston has played in every game of his four-year career, but he’s only started nine games (and one playoff game) in the 2016 season. Even if the Bucs miss the playoffs, they’ll be in decent to better shape after this year.

Winston, who has some very good friends in Tampa Bay, would benefit the Bucs in the next few years because of this contract.

Winston already is on the free-agent market right now because of the franchise tag in 2017, but he still could be under contract with the franchise tag next month.

The Buccaneers have the chance to make it happen.

The next time you see a lot of Bucs fans celebrating at NFL Draft parties over the weekend, just think about how they would get there if the team takes Winston.

“You’re all happy that Jameis Winston is on his way to Tampa Bay but I mean… he will be there,” said John Wooten, owner, president, general manager and general manager of Tampa Sports Authority. Wooten is behind the Bucs and is also listed on with “the Bucs” on the front of his business card.

Wooten was once one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Buccaneers and used to have a banner on his property announcing his support for the organization. But, this is where Wooten would want a Bucs fan to sit down, get up off the couch, and start thinking about going.

“I know that

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