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Puppets are usually made in 3 to 5 days. This is usually when the puppet master decides if there are still sufficient quantities of materials to make another, different puppet. Once all the materials are set and ready, the puppet masters usually start a new process for a new puppet and this can be up to 20 or more days.

How do puppet masters decide what materials to use?

In most cases the puppet masters use special equipment to make their dolls, mostly based on their particular style or preferences to make their dolls look their way:
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They use special brushes and tools to make the hands look realistic, for more authentic look.

There are special powders and substances like acrylic paint, to make fingers, wings, etc look realistic and detailed (like a real puppet!).

The puppet masters used special materials to make their dolls, like fiberboard or polyester. In some places, the doll masters used these materials as well.

So that’s the process. All these materials take some time, but they must all fit within a very short period of time. And you don’t want any breakage during the entire time!

How do they use all the materials?

Most of the times you will see them using a few brushes and tools to start. But they will be using these tools more and more to build and make more objects – to learn and do the best with it. After the beginning, which they call the “molding” (which we will talk about in a moment), they usually look to start using lots of mediums to make the puppet look its very best. For example, some of the more common mediums are, with polyester resin –

– Plastic –

– Polystyrene –

– Polyvinyl choride (PVC)

– A rubber or silicone based plastic called “Ceramic”

– A powdery material called “Permanent Acrylic”

– Acrylic painted on a metal or rubber surface of the puppet body. For instance, they can also use polycarbonate, which is a type of ceramic or metal-tipped paint.

They also use paints and pigments such as acrylic ink, latex paint, paint to color the face of the doll, etc. and they do this mostly to make sure that the doll is able to stand up to the rigors of an actual puppet show.

Once the puppet masters are satisfied with the puppet that they

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