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A puppet’s head is made from cardboard, which is cut into thin slices.

The head then folds and is inserted within a wooden frame which sits inside a plastic mold.

Once the puppet is in the mold the puppet’s eyes and mouth are placed within the plastic mold. The head, body and arms are then glued into the plastic mold. After the mold is filled, the metal frame is pressed into place.

What is the most popular type of puppet?

This is a very personal preference, as every single puppet is different. Most people find the puppet a little too large for their needs. The smallish toy is also very similar to real puppets.

Is the process of making a puppeteer difficult?

Puppeteers have a very difficult time. I personally have a really hard time keeping my eyes trained on the puppets I’m making. My body can’t keep up with the pace so I tend to make a lot of mistakes.

Are there any tips or best practices regarding how to make a puppet and what tricks to take advantage of?

Most people who want to get into this industry start by buying a puppet kit and then spending the money on a number of puppet toys, making it more difficult for your eyes to focus on the job at hand. It takes practice and practice before you figure it out as well.

The best way is to buy a real puppet and have someone play with it as a puppet. Then play off the performance. As you practice more it will become easier.

The best way to learn to use the puppet is to take an actor who is experienced in puppet making and let them learn by doing. You can buy them a kit and give them the puppet while you take them out to do your performance.

What is the most common size of puppet?

A doll is typically around 3.5 ft. tall and 3.5 ft. wide.

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A puppet can be anywhere between 3 to 4 ft. in height, depending on the character and what type of puppet and body it is. A puppeteer can work on a variety of characters and body types; there are those who can play everyone from a baby doll to a very small baby.

Where does puppetry come from?

To most of the world, puppetry is thought to have originated in Africa. It is thought there were people in Africa that used puppets during the reign of Moghul Emperor Ash

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