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It is quite possible that this is just a metaphor for the way a puppet’s brain works. It makes sense that the word ‘puppet’ may mean exactly the same as the word ‘brain’ and ‘mind’.

But how a live doll’s brain operates and is created is still a mystery. This leaves us in the dark to ask if one could possibly perform a mind control of a live doll without affecting its physical appearance as well?

Puppets may be ‘built’ using a series of ‘bundles’ of brain ‘channels’ from which the puppets can ‘feed’ their thought processes. I believe it is the interaction of these bundles with the surrounding environment that determines brain function. This is the core ‘functional’ work being carried out by the puppets while the puppeteers are busy thinking.

Can a puppet “think” or ‘do thoughts’?

In short, no. A puppet’s thoughts come from the ‘channels’ of its brain. These bundles contain neurons – small electrical impulses that fire continuously. These neurons give off very little electrochemical energy. However, in the presence of certain chemicals the neurons fire up and a process of ‘processing’ takes place that gives rise to different thoughts in the brain.

So, if a puppet’s brain is being processed through chemicals in its brain ‘channels’, how can it think? I don’t know – and I didn’t go through all the stages of brain processing involved in thinking. But I did know that you could not control an animal’s thoughts with an electric prod.

Is there a limit to what a robot can do for humans? Can they really think and do thoughts?

Yes, if their circuitry is designed according to the laws of nature; it could do anything a human brain could do, I think. If it does not have enough information processing power to perform thoughts, it would not have the information processing power to think – therefore, the human mind cannot control another human mind.

How does a robot actually think?

Puppet or not, a robot is capable of communicating, even in a rudimentary form. A robot may have two or more ‘channels’ with the same sort of chemical content that can activate or deactivate one another to change certain patterns of electrical impulse in one channel or another.

So robots have a very close analogy to the brain. What might a robot think? It is possible that a robot could think and act in ways that

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