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You might have your voice, but there’s nothing as dramatic as that.

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That’s something they had for every athlete who didn’t have their natural voice, the natural timbre of the voice. If you were an average voice, you could always just look up an article on voice training or something and find the correct voice training regimen. They had a list and how much to do.

To me it’s something where I’m going to try a voice therapy program and I’ll have the audiologist do a study of it and I’ll be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t. I’m looking for an answer to the question, “Does this really work?” I want to talk to someone who’s done this before and see what works for them. It’s about asking why is it happening. How did I train that voice?

My friend Tim, he’s done the voice therapy and he did a lot of research and he came up with a new concept about what he calls “high and low volume.”

What that means is you’ll have a voice that is loud, and low, but you’ll train both of those simultaneously to feel like that is your natural voice, rather than the loudness only. But that’s kind of my philosophy as well. I like to hear that I’m getting a good dose of that, but I don’t want it to be a constant. I want to be able to let that natural voice come out.

Is there anyone in particular that has helped you in regards to this voice business?

That’s the whole point — why am I doing this, I want to train my voice. If there ever is someone — and I’ve spoken to three different people — that’s where the motivation is. They’ll know something about how to do this, but they won’t want to sell anything for it.

Where it’s really important is to get me talking to somebody, or I’ll have a talk with a friend, or I’ll get it through Twitter or Instagram.

What are the biggest concerns that keep you up and going? When do you start to worry?

The biggest concerns that keep me going is something called “sibilance,” because there’s a big stigma with it. Some people look at the science and they say, “Oh, it’s fine, we’re talking about a very low volume voice and it’s a sign of good posture,” and I can relate to that, but the biggest

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