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Or if not puppets, what is an impersonation? What do you call a man using the name Jesus, who is using a puppet? What do you call a man playing with a cardboard box in an empty auditorium? In all of these situations it is obvious the person is an impersonation. But the same is not true about a “real” God and Jesus. In fact when people ask, “Who is an impersonation?” I say they are both false. The Bible calls them neither. They must be either the same person or they must be separate people.

The false person god is not an impersonation of Jesus for a number of reasons. First, a false person god cannot exist. The Bible says, “He who thinks he is an angel doth deceive his own soul, not realizing that the Spirit of God is dwelling in him.” (Colossians 1:15b). He must be a different person in order for impersonal god to exist.

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Jesus has been called an impersonation because the first person Jesus was not God. He did not have God’s power or sovereignty over his body. Jesus’ resurrection gave an immediate appearance of this authority. He could have been anything other than a being of the Godhead. He could have appeared to be anything other than the son of God, the son of God the Father. This is why we call Jesus the one and only Christ.

Jesus was called an impersonation because he did not have all the attributes and powers of God. God could not do anything. He did not speak in two voices nor had all the names that we know for God. Jesus could appear in anything except Jesus’ own human body. Jesus’ resurrection enabled people to see Jesus’ face, hear his voice, and walk with him as a spirit just as they can now. He could take the form of any human being, not just that of a person.

These are Jesus’ true attributes and powers. They cannot be duplicated or taken away. However, Jesus also had a number of false attributes and powers. When we talk about what was in Jesus, we talk of Jesus as a man. He had a natural body with all the physical characteristics of a man. He also spoke with normal human speech and could walk with full speed and motion. His strength and power were similar to that of a man. His miracles were also similar to those of a man.

The Christian faith says that Jesus is the only God and has an infinite personality or being

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