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As we say, the difference between the words throw, thrower and thrower is that thrower means “to throw” with the intention of throwing, whereas thrower does not mean “to throw” but rather “to throw a stone”.

This is a simple concept to remember:

What can we do when we want to throw a stone?

To do that, we have to first have a stone to throw at. That stone, that object, is called a thrower.

If you were to look at a table of stones around you and then look at the stone you have chosen to throw, it would appear as if there were two stones on the table. But if you first decide what side of the table your throwing stone should be on, your object would appear as two stones on the table. In this example, the two stones are the ones you are interested in throwing at, and are not on your table.

How do I throw a stone? What do I need to do?

This depends on a whole range of factors. There are a couple of ways, which are discussed in this section, that you can do this:

Throw a stone if: you know the stone will go where you want it to go;

you don’t need to, you only want to throw a stone (and that is it); and

you don’t see the stone in front of you.

If you are lucky enough to know the stone is going to go where you want it to go, we needn’t go into detail here. You can just remember: if the stone you choose to throw is small enough to be thrown and it is close enough to be thrown, it will do that. Remember, though, that stones can change their shape in case the shape doesn’t align with what you choose to throw.

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