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A fake doll is “a small, lightweight toy for children as young as 5 years old that mimics a doll’s size, shape, and features.” This product seems to be made to resemble a baby, and is a favorite among baby-doll makers and playtoy sellers.
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I used a dummy to get my friend’s attention. But is it safe?

Dummy dolls may seem like toys that someone else could get excited about, because it is very difficult to break down into usable parts. However, they can be especially dangerous because the dummy wears a tiny little vest or a tiny little cape, and can easily be pulled down, or pinned and pulled up, with no safety net. The dummy can also be “dropped on itself” or “bounced” because it has no real weight to carry it.

Do I need to check the safety of my own dummy?

Some parents who use babydoll suppliers have asked this question. There are a few different issues to consider. Before you purchase a dummy, there is a good chance that you are buying a real doll by the name of a popular TV or movie character. If you know the name, and know you will have an experience with the doll, you should check to be sure that your actual doll is safe before buying any other products from that source. There are different brands of baby dolls, including dollmakers in both the USA and abroad that have names that are common to babies. Also, some people might feel the need to “investigate” a doll to determine its safety. You should investigate with a reputable doll or playtime supply with a reputation of excellent customer service.

Dummy makers will often sell a “special feature” that can come as a nice bonus, but should not be relied on for safety. That item (for example, a special hair color, or a “special nose” that will make a doll that will be sold as a baby doll) may actually have defects, which can pose a serious danger to a baby child or adult when dropped or thrown. You should always check a doll carefully before buying. Check to see if all parts of the doll are real. If not, ask if the doll would make a good companion doll.

What size doll do I need?

A 5-year old can easily get by with a 3-pound doll, but even then may not have the energy and energy to carry a 3-pound doll for a long time, depending on

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