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It’s my little sister’s friend doll. She goes to public school, is quiet and friendly and is usually the main character in the story. She is always making funny faces and talking silly. She always has a smile on her face.

Why would you need a dummy puppet ?

Most kids are afraid of dolls, so they always have to do everything they can to get rid of them. My sister was terrified to play without a dummy because she had been so afraid to play without her dummy . After seeing me talking about “making things” while my sister had never seen things before, she was totally changed!

How do those dolls have to be made ?

They are made by a professional, usually a sculptor, usually by a professional. I’m not sure how they do it but sometimes there is a doll made of just wax.

Do the dolls have faces?

Yes. Yes indeed. Yes, they do. There is a special eye, a nose and it moves all the time, but it is a real doll. It is not a puppet as most people think. It is a real doll. It is a real doll.

Which doll is the best one ?

My sister has been in the “toy market” since she was a doll. Sometimes a doll can be the best, if you are willing to put in extra effort in the design. Also, there are toys for preschoolers (as well as kindergartners) and that is what we use to teach our children.

Does it have any kind of voice ?

Yes. Some dolls have voices, but mine have a different voice for everyday speech .

Are they hard to make ?

I don’t think so. My sister and I made some with clay that the doll actually put into the mold, so it was very hard. Other times, with a little more work, we can put it together and have it work.

Have any of your daughters made dolls?

No. It’s too hard to learn. When we are young, we can put a doll together. It’s very fun, but no one is really happy to have that. And they are expensive, so if I ever want one again, I will buy it at home instead.

For a good doll that doesn’t cost so much, check out some of these doll websites from Etsy .

You can purchase these dolls here .

My sister made one of

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