What is a Transviliquist? – Talking With Mouth Closed Is Called

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What is a Transviliquist? [ edit ]

A Transviliquist is that people who have a deep understanding of the history of the Universe and can apply this knowledge to explain the natural, cosmic, and religious phenomena present. Such people are often called “Challegians,” in reference to the mythological figure, the priest-priest who became a vampire or werewolf over time.

The term “Translator” was a term invented by William Blake to describe a “wise man” of antiquity who was in contact with God. In the 19th century it was adopted by Christian apologists to describe a “wise men” who were able to interpret ancient literature.

A Transviliquist is not necessarily a “Challegeian.” The term “Challegeian” was coined so that those who understand this stuff better could have it explained to them. The term “Challegeian” is mostly used as a derogatory term in modern times, because the “philosophers” that came before the enlightenment were really just men that looked at the world the “right” way, and then just tried to make their case as if the reason for their findings was to convince themselves that their discoveries were “Right.”

In any event, the term “Transvestite” refers to those who wear the clothing of the opposite sex. The word “transvestite” comes from the Latin trans (between) and vest (dress) so that someone who “comes between the sexes” is a “transvestite.” This also refers to a cross-dresser wearing a tuxedo or high heels.

The term “transcended trans” refers to those who are able to transmute matter into energy.

A Transvestite might also be referred to as a Transmutee, even though you’d have to go around doing some magical transformations with the matter itself. This comes back to the idea of those people in the middle Ages who were able to think in terms of the divine spirit. (This is a problem with the term “transcendant” because of the connection with the human spirit.)

Some Transviliquists take the concept of a challegian to its logical conclusion and say that the whole idea that “Transvestism is just a fashion” is just that – fad. The “Transvestites” do in fact come from all walks of life and experience, and have different motives for becoming a Transvest

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