What is Terry Fator’s salary? – How To Learn Faster And Remember More

The veteran center made $3.45 million last season and will reportedly receive at least $5 million in his last season with the Heat — and probably at that.

In order of salary, Fator ranks 19th among the NBA’s 40 players last season, according to data from basketball-reference.com.

When you add up his money, the Heat’s $8.9 million for Fator in 2012-13 equals to about $11.3 million for each of his salary seasons:

2006-07: $2 million; 2007-08: $1.75 million; 2008-09: $2.2 million; 2009-10: $4.1 million; 2010-11: $4.2 million; 2011-12: $3.65 million; 2012-13: $6.4 million

And now the numbers for Fator’s first and only season with the Heat:

2012-13: $8.9 million

The Heat will give Fator a $4.12 million player option for 2013-14, which would keep him with the team through the June 15 free-agent period.

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