What is the ventriloquist doll called in Toy Story 4? – Ventriloquism For Beginners Pdf

Jill: It’s called a “Vocal Echo Speaker”. That’s what it’s called in the movie.

Tom: Is it a female version of the doll?

Jill: In the movie it was a male version. It actually has a female model.

Tom: And it’s not voiced? It’s just a voice?

Jill: Yeah, it’s a voice. The voice works for the baby. But in the cartoon it’s an actual baby.

Tom: What was the song that he sang?

Jill: In the movie, it’s “Baby Please Come Home For Christmas.”

Tom: Was it a very emotional song?

Jill: Yeah, with just a simple melody.

Tom: What was the last thing about the Baby that really touched your heart?

Jill: That was him walking off like he was happy.

Tom: Was that something that made you cry? Were you really sad? Did you feel bad at the time?

Jill: I actually cried a little bit. I guess maybe it was like I wasn’t sure about him. Then, he stopped. And the next thing I knew I was smiling.

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Tom: It’s just a little thing?

Jill: Yeah.

Tom: It was sad to me. It was kind of like that scene in Finding Nemo, where they don’t get into the water right away. You just kind of sit there for a long time. I think the baby felt that same way about that.

Jill: Yeah, yeah.

Tom: Does he have a lot of anger and jealousy? Do you feel like you are the only baby who has anger and jealousy?

Jill: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am the only baby who doesn’t know any better. I was thinking about all the different kinds of toys that I got. It was very interesting to discover that the other babies are not like me. And I mean, they really are very sad and lonely. I am a very kind person, but like I said, I’m very sad and lonely.

Tom: So, the baby is the only one who actually has both a mommy and a daddy?

Jill: Yes, he does, yes. There’s no question.

Tom: I just felt like when we see the picture of the baby in the room for the

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