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Probably not, as it wasn’t invented. What was invented was an understanding that a person can control a mechanical device with the use of a voice, and they were right. Ventriloquism is the only known true act of free will on a large scale. The act of free will and self-movement is not necessarily linked. Even if they both exist (and, even if we do have the ability to move things with our minds as well as our bodies), that doesn’t mean we can both do it. You couldn’t use physical motions to move something with an understanding of free will and self-movement, just as you couldn’t use physical motions to move something with a knowledge of free will and freedom. That’s why we have free will and freedom. And, in return, we have to make choices about what we’re going to do with our lives, and that, I think, is what it all boils down to, so to speak.

If one wants to believe that ventriloquism is not really a true act of free choice or free will, that is their decision. I’ll leave it to them, and to their conscience. For my part, I’m willing to accept whatever they decide. They’re free to do that as long as they don’t use free choice in what they’re doing (or they’re willing to give up freedom for that). If they decide to use free choice, that’s up to us to respect that decision, but we should also respect their choice, and we should try to support their choices wherever possible (for example, by accepting the donation of money for them to make these puppets, through a special gift-giving channel).

The important thing is that it only takes two minutes to see that “free choice” or “freedom” is just a term given by our culture to describe a limited and limited capacity of human beings.

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If you want to talk about what really is free in the sense that is actually possible, not that which is claimed by this culture to be free by way of free choice, do not use the word “freedom” in your discussion. I think we have a lot more freedom than we are being let on about, in many cases. That’s what gives people an “us versus them” mentality, a kind of selfishness which is, of course, the opposite of what most of us would want for ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t have free choices. Far from it. We

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