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There are currently two female ventriloquist figures; one of whom can be seen above in this photo. She is named Lucy and she is a puppet, but she has the ability to play the “voice of God” for someone who is deaf. Another female figure does not play the role of vocal cords, but is simply known as the “Godmother”. In both models, the performer wears a white dress and red hat.

The Godmother is often regarded as a puppet or a figure in performance, yet one can look at Lucy’s face and there is not one person on the face. On the contrary, there are numerous people, such as one person pictured here, who are wearing a wig that covers the face. Another picture, though, depicts a large area of hair around Lucy’s mouth and shoulders; this is where the “Godmother” is really wearing her head. Another picture indicates a small space around Lucy’s mouth; when viewing this image, one thinks they are seeing Lucy’s actual mouth! A picture of the Godmother’s mouth can be seen here: [http://www.hollandpictures_tales.net/~cj-lun/Lucy.jpg]

Can other people play the “voice of God”?

There are currently two male performers named “Vorgo” and “Mortimer”, who have performed both the “Godmother” and “Godmother” roles for at least the past century. At the 2004 Hollywood Film Festival, when the two performers were in attendance, several people noticed that “Vorgo” was wearing a wig and appeared to have a nose that appears to be shaped like that of a goat. He also appeared to wear a long dress with long, narrow straps hanging across the back of his body. This suggests the performer may have been performing for several women, perhaps many. As far as our research states, he is not an actual human being. For a visual portrayal of how closely the performer resembles a goat’s head, see photo #7 at http://groups.google.co.uk/group/decepti.deer/browse_thread/thread/8c0d1a7fd6d9a6c1a6?q=Vorgo+and+Vorgo+Mortimer Here, in the photo, the nose looks more like that of a goat’s head. In other words, the performer is wearing a “mule-style” hairst

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