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Why are these women so scary?

A young man dressed up as a woman named Mrs. B is set to go on stage and frighten the local residents. To make the stage show more realistic the audience is encouraged to scream, yell, shout or otherwise frighten the show’s clown. Mr. B then begins to scare the audience while the men’s voices repeat the chorus of his “Jingle Jangle” while he screams, screams or yells. He eventually starts screaming, shouting or yelling so hard that Mrs. B herself turns into a man and enters the scene.

Mrs. B seems to be trying to scare the crowd away. I guess so..

Why do male actors do female roles? Is that a feminist? I really wonder if we aren’t just using men’s voices to make our point that women are a lesser species by portraying them as sex objects.

Female actors are supposed to be “strong and confident” and “intelligent” while male actors are supposed to be “weaker and weaker” and “bored.”

Some people are wondering why male actors are asked “are you a man” and female actors are not. Is that a feminist issue too? If so where can women, girls, and men buy the new Feminist books and magazines?

Why no woman was cast in the role of Mrs. B? What about a man, what about a woman, why no female role for this show?

We had a woman actress make the female role. The man was a stunt man, what about the man, what about an all-man cast? How could they cast a male and a female in the same role?? Why did they choose a stunt man and a female only actress for this show? Could the stunt man possibly be more frightening than the actress?

Why did they choose a female impersonator, why did they have to ask this girl all the questions they did to the man??? How is it feminist if we ask and the man does not answer. It’s just not so?

Why no male or female impersonators for Mrs. B. Why didn’t they ask the stunt man for an all-male cast. He was the only other person on the set. The all-male cast would have only given us the same old “doll” that we are seeing all these commercials for.

We’ve had many complaints from women saying “this show is sexist” and we’re right, we do see men being stereotyped

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