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That’s a good question (I’m not making this up). The answer, of course, is Donald Trump, the man who will, if he gets into the White House, be worth $150 billion. In addition (as a bonus)? Well, he says he makes far more than any of his predecessors. His current pay — as reported to the media and the public — is a tidy $3.7 million per year. He also has an ongoing salary as a “business executive.”

How far does Trump stand in history?

First, consider that he may someday be the greatest living thing. (As one critic put it, he’s at “a record high” despite the fact that he is still no longer in the White House.) Second? Trump is a businessman first of all and a politician second. He does not need to be a world-class actor or a rockstar. He doesn’t need to have the world’s largest penis. He is the most powerful man in the world. His accomplishments would not be possible without the success of his businesses, his television show, his hotels, his brand, his celebrity.

And yet if you say that Trump is a “prolific” or “great” person, people will ask, “Well, who was the most famous President in history?” That’s a different story altogether. In fact, the two men are so separated as to make it almost impossible. Barack Obama had the first black American president. So did his father. Ronald Reagan was the last Republican president, and as a matter of fact, he was still running for reelection on a third-party ticket. In contrast, John F. Kennedy was one of the most famous politicians in the United States. (He later became a TV star, too.)

[How does the Internet make you laugh?]

Can I really name a single President who’s become a huge success in the business world?

Yes, there are plenty.

Take John F. Kennedy, who went from being a U.S. senator to an enormously successful businessman.

“That man could speak from his heart to any business problem. He was brilliant enough, but he was also good at using both his intellect and his natural leadership skills to fix every problem.”

Richard Nixon became president thanks to his ability to negotiate from his heart and to make deals that made sense in the eyes of others.

“He was like a magician. Once you saw a deal, he

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