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Who is the most famous voice in ventriloquism?

This question is hard to answer. Many artists (including the ventriloquist himself) do not perform as a vaudevillian. A vaudevillian is a voice that is made to imitate other persons (such as a schoolmaster, an actor, a circus act). While vaudeville was a success for many entertainers, the vaudevillian voice is not as easily recognisable as a ventriloquist’s. The reason for this may lie in how, historically, ventriloquism has become a part of the theatre tradition. Many theatrical actors – both male and female – have performed with an actual vaudevillian voice. Although the vaudevillians were considered to be extremely popular for their performances and performances, there were many ventriloquist’s who were also considered popular entertainment.

The word ventriloquist came from the Latin word vivere, which is short for “voice”. The meaning of ventriloquism was influenced by the ventriloquist’s, who were commonly referred to as “he who sounds like a ventriloquist”.

Ventriloquism was actually the first profession of the English from an agricultural point of view. The first recorded recording of a voice being made to mimic a voice was by the vaudevillian, William Halsall in 1620, during the reign of Edward III (ruled 1485–1495). The vaudevillians were mainly farmers, especially those who worked the fields.

Although there are more known ventriloquists today than there used to be, there are still some people who will perform in a public ventriloquist’s mask. The person chosen to perform will sometimes be from anywhere in the world, but sometimes the person chosen will be of a particular geographical area and will perform in their personal region. In the UK there are many “masked ventriloquists”, who perform in public and are often based in the London area.

Ventriloquism has taken many forms over the centuries and even now there are many ways to perform a ventriloquist’s voice. The most common method is using a puppet or puppet-maker, especially if the puppets are made from latex. For ventriloquists there are several different voices to choose from. A range of tones can be achieved and each voice varies quite a bit. If

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