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Terry Fator, the director, is the one who brought puppets to life and built the puppet hall for a new attraction called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “We all are puppets,” Fator says. “We don’t have any choice. Even our own kids. If a parent comes and says to you, ‘I’m going to do this,’ I might say, ‘What do you want to do, my puppet?’ and give you a hand-drawn design for the body. They can come up with the rest.”

In that manner, Fator has gone from a “Puppet Show” to a live action experience, which his son, Christopher, is the head of for Disney. The Fator family has been at the forefront of Star Wars over its two decades of production, from the initial “Star Wars” films and films based on those film to more recent entries in the series.

In the early days of production, the Disney empire produced a lot of its own films that didn’t end up in theaters. What it did have before, though, were the Fator puppets, who would often stand on the production floor in all the scenes. “When you start out, you have to have your own team and you have to make things you can control,” Fator says.

Over the years, those puppets grew in skill and expertise, to the point that they were capable of standing still and doing just about anything a human puppet could do — which makes them the backbone for a theater, where Fator often sits and talks with audience members. “There’s a lot you can do when you have two people doing different things, rather then one person being controlled,” he says. “It’s about what one person can do and the other can’t do.”

A ‘Flexible’ Line of Work

If the Fator puppets and the studio’s film divisions were created separately, the relationship between them might seem strange — one that can lead to a little too close for comfort. After all, when you create something that is truly one person’s vision, as Fator has with The Force Awakens, why not build a studio that would accommodate your team?

In terms of the nature of the company, though, this arrangement is an ideal one.

The reason? Disney would have a full time director of puppetry from day one, with no need for any of Fator’s existing projects to get a second look. “Once we

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