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I didn’t know about the first, but one of my childhood toys, the King of Kings of Pops – yes, that King, played by the same child of our story – came with the toy. He was a smallish red head with long white hair and red lips and a black hat. He was like a caricature of what the ventriloquist was supposed to be: a big black man. As the King of Queens played, the ventriloquist made a series of small, animated speeches and then sang a few verses. A child might have heard him say, “It is time that we are free!” or “We are Americans!” “I’d never dream so! We might as well be Americans!” or “I’ll have my American pie and my American wine!” Maybe he would also tell a joke to the King of Queens (who always knew the words he spoke in). The King of Queens would then turn to the ventriloquist and ask what the joke was. The ventriloquist would respond with his own. The King of Queens would turn to the ventriloquist again, and this time he would say “No, no, no. This is not the joke I was expecting to hear.” Then the King would try again. The ventriloquist would answer the first three questions and then he would offer another. Finally, the King would turn to the ventriloquist and say “You are a true New Yorker! That’s why we are Americans!” The ventriloquist would smile in his “American face” as he said all this.

At first this was quite interesting to me: I thought that it might be some kind of secret in what this man wanted to tell a child. I always assumed that he actually said “We are Americans!” but I didn’t think that ventriloquists actually say things like that. This was something new. I don’t remember who asked me that question, but it has stuck in my mind, and I’ve been thinking more and more about it.

There are lots of reasons why ventriloquists would want to be American, and there are also lots of ways in which they could not be. There are things that the ventriloquists believe that the average person could not believe: that the United States is a socialist state, that we need to use foreign gold to pay our debts, or that we can’t afford to pay the military budget because we only have one congressman. This could be

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