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Well let us consider the case of Bill Gates. Gates was born on October 22nd, 1943, in New York, the son of Paul and Alice Gates who were the founders of Microsoft Corporation. Gates was the most visible of the three men, with his presence in Hollywood movies and his involvement in the music industry. Bill Gates would go on to become an important billionaire, as would the late Steve Jobs. We can find no other source except for the book The Microsoft Way by Paul Allen. It is interesting to note that Bill Gates and John Sculley, of the Sculley company of the same name were famous for performing magic tricks in the 1930s and 40s. The Sculley brothers did not have a musical training, but the magic tricks they performed were based on acrobatic feats of various kinds in a ring. The brothers were known to have practiced acrobatics to gain strength and stamina for performing magic tricks. Although Bill Gates was not a magician, he did entertain the audience by performing acrobat-like feats on stage, in front of crowds of people. In one of Gates’ more publicized magic acts, “Keeper”, we can listen in to the recording below. “It is believed that no two things are more powerful in the mind than the thought, but many would say that the thought is the most powerful of all.” Thomas Edison

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Source: The Microsoft Way (2011) When he was six years old, Gates played an act of trickery similar to many other children, especially his brother. The show was recorded for television. The two children would perform a variety of tricks with the intention of gaining attention from the audience, but their goal was to gain the attention of the “king of the land” and get one free lemon. For the show, they would throw the lemon into a bucket of water, which would lead to them using their imagination to bring the lemon to life. You can find the full recording of the show on YouTube. Gates’ brother in law, John A. Sculley, was also featured in many TV shows, performing many tricks. He was featured as Santa Claus in a number of children’s shows, which was considered a tradition in the Santa Claus world. He was considered to be one of the most popular Santa Claus characters among children. After Sculley retired, he died on October 12th, 1974 at the age of 64. He died of an enlarged prostate while swimming in a Miami river. On his birthday, there were events all throughout the world where you could

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