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Well, it’s a very popular subject. I’ve got a book out about this gentleman, I don’t know of any historical person or anyone. But there was a gentleman named William Harvey who practiced, and he was very much a popular thing. And what he did was you took some pieces of wire, he would put it on a stand, and as you were talking he would sing a song, and if you got the right answer, you got a cookie. I mean you could say he did a number of these things, and people would love him. So that sort of evolved. He came on the scene probably a little later, the late 19th Century, with an old family he kept close to him in his farmhouse, a very long farmhouse. He was a very popular ventriloquist with, you know, a lot of people in the neighborhood playing along with the jokes he was giving them. They got excited. By the time he was a bit older, as you are now and are aware, he became, you can guess, much more famous.

Q: So what do you think his early life was like?

KIM: I do not know. I think he sort of grew up, and his father worked in the mines. I can’t really speak to how he went on. He is very much a mystery, he’s got no real biography. Maybe a short biography would come in handy.

Q: So what do you think his childhood was like?

KIM: Well I think they called him the “Fog Cutter” or “The Fog Maker”, I cannot really make this up. Anyway, my understanding was he grew up in a tiny place called New Hampshire, where he had to be outdoors and go to school. He was quite a bit smaller than I am. He was not quite as large as a child of about the same age, and also had a little bit of an air about him.
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Q: And he liked to play with the fog?

KIM: Yeah, he would get very upset if he got a fog that was all wrong, and then he would play about with them and do whatever he could to make them more right. He wasn’t the smartest, but he could play with them quite a long time before they were, as they say, like it’s done now. And I think his fascination with making them more “right” would lead him to write one or two poetry and poems of all sorts.

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