Who was the first well known ventriloquist? – Ventriloquism Plosives

Moses Mardones was the first known ventriloquist. Mardones was born in Austria in the early seventeenth century. In 1634, he was in the service of Count Johann Sebastian Bach and his army. He became a popular ventriloquist, which was a good thing, since he used his skills to entertain his soldiers to increase morale and keep them going for battle. During the battle of Vienna in 1639, Mardones was the first to reveal to the troops that his true job was not to deliver a message to people or to entertain but to deliver death.

How did Mardones make money?

Mardones worked for Johann Sebastian Bach (and the army) to earn his living. Mardones earned his name for delivering death to his fellow soldiers. And so the famous ventriloquist became a well known entertainer. People became fascinated with him, especially the young girls who watched him perform and liked to be with their daddy during the performance. Eventually Mardones began performing at the court of Queen Maria Theresa, which is considered to be one of the most famous public spectacles in the history of the world. The last performance was on May 12, 1680.

Who was the last known ventriloquist?

In 1677, Samuel Felt was the last known ventriloquist. The last famous one is Charles Dufresne, who died in 1711.

What kind of ventriloquist did Mardones look like?

Mardones was a tall lanky man with a long thin nose, he did not have the perfect body of today’s ventriloquist because they all looked exactly the same, even in a few years. But Mardones did have his own personal style. While Mardones would perform all day until he was tired, he never slept. Mardones was usually very talkative and had a beautiful speech. Mardones also did all of the props but, at times, he would hold a sword without actually being the sword. That’s when you would see Mardones move his sword from one hand to the other while they were speaking.

The final performance in Vienna was in 1696.

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