Are Yamaha violins good? – Can I Learn Violin At 20

No, not really. There are many people at Yamaha who have taken better violin playing (as they often consider that the player can play better if he knows that he should be doing it) but there are also many “bad”, low “baritone” violins, which are the same as well as the “toy” violins that often come with the Yamaha system.

The Yamaha high E string is one of the best in the world, but the other notes are not as good as the ones of a Yamaha. It is really a matter of taste and personal preference, and I think most of the people will choose the best violin. You do not have to agree and like the sound of it; you can play it without problems or worse, dislike it and move to an old-style “baritone”. But I am talking about the best violin.

Does Yamaha Violins need special cleaning in my building?

No, of course not. The cleaning is in the neck, just as with other Yamaha instruments: just with good cleaning the sound of the instrument will be great. And, as with the other instruments mentioned above, you can also remove any scratches that might occur to your neck and also the sound of the strings during play or while traveling and so on.

What do I do with the strings, if I don’t have to adjust them?

The strings should be adjusted by a good-tolerant violin teacher of your choice, as stated above. But I think that they can be adjusted by a good-tolerant violin store, where you can find them without any trouble and do not have to search for them. Also you can play some practice games with them, just as you would use the strings of a standard Yamaha piano.

Please check my “Voltaire Violins” book page and check all the other pages of my “Voltaire Violins” book.

In my opinion, the best violin strings should be used as follows:

A. No strings, except the highest of E strings and B string.

B. No strings. B string = lowest E string of the highest E string, so if you play it you have to look for one of the lowest strings: that is the lowest B string.

C. One to two of the high E strings. (A string is more or less a standard E string.)

D. One above the A string.

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