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How do they compare to other models?

The Yamaha KA250 is a modern-day violin that’s well-suited for any situation, from traditional concert practice to classical music and folk music. The quality, tone and playability of the KA250 make them an ideal instrument for any musician (no pre-requisites or limitations required!). We believe that Yamaha’s performance meets not only their high standards, but also the high standards of the musicians and the audiences who appreciate their great instruments. Yamaha’s KA250s are hand-made in the USA by highly skilled craftsmen from Wisconsin by custom-built, state-of-the-art machines (designed exclusively to manufacture these instruments). Each KA250 is unique in its own way, so the customer must explore further to understand the KA250 and what it can do as a performer, in the field, in music and in the studio. As with any high-performance instrument, the customer should consider all variables. Is it worth the investment? Does there even need to be an investment to achieve performance? A typical Yamaha KA250 starts at around $1,999 (with free delivery, for orders above $3,299.50).

We are happy to announce our own KA250: the Yamaha KA250 Pro. What features will KA250 Pro have over standard models?

All features available to standard models plus additional features are available to the Yamaha KA250 Pro. With our new features on the KA250 we are able to offer the best of both worlds. We offer a highly-equipped and well-tuned KA250 that delivers all of the performance and playability of a premium instrument in our high-performance KA250 Pro model. Our “KA250 Pro” comes with exclusive features such as: KA-100X tuners inlaid in the headstock

New KA-DV-2 pickup (the same pickup used on our top-of-the-line models)

New string-and-tube-based electronics

Intuitive tuning (the KA250 Pro lets you “play” the tune or adjust its tuning)

Rear-mounted, 5″ nylon strap (used on our top-of-the-line model)

New, “Dynacoustic-style” (non-intrusive) pick-up for tuning the KA250

Stereo and mono speakers

New, “Dyn

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