Can a 3 year old play violin? – Learn Violin Vibrato First Year

I would say that the answer depends a little bit on how old her sister and family are. My friend’s sister and nephew were able to play before they came out of the womb. Her younger sister had to start first because she had bigger ears. I would like to see more support for those children and more parents talking to their boys about music.

Is an acoustic bass available in the store?

Yes, in the “bass” section in the store. There is also a good selection of basses with electronic accessories. Also, I don’t have a bass but feel they would be a better choice than a bass in a store.

What music am I supposed to buy?

I would recommend something that sounds good, has a great range and sound. That includes folk music, hip-hop, reggae.

You don’t have to buy what I’m buying

I’m not suggesting all music is good, just good in my opinion. I would suggest buying some music that sounds good. If I went there for an acoustic, it would probably be from the same genre. If they don’t have an acoustic bass, I would buy something like an electric guitar.

Where do you shop?

I work from home here at the store, but I love going to the store whenever I’m there. There is even an indoor store now!

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Do they have a good selection or do they only carry what they sell?

They have a cool selection of music and an excellent selection of the best brands. All the brands are available in their online store at

What are the prices for different things?

Mostly I like to see the prices on the items and just see what I can get for my money in the store. There is a selection of instruments, most of which can be purchased online. That is the way the stores work. They do not carry cheap knock-off products, or inferior brands as well. That is just not the way stores are supposed to be. If you see something you like, you can ask the manager on the counter for a price quote (yes, they do have credit cards). I have only dealt with them online previously so the items I was interested in were the ones for online deals. That would leave you with an empty case in the store.

I would buy that guitar from a store like Bass Guitar, Guitar Center, etc..


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