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You bet I can! You can find a violinist and learn how to play. You can use a recorder by ear or an audio cassette to teach yourself how to play a violin. Don’t be shy. We have lots of great recordings of classical music. I’m sure there are more out there, like my grandmother’s and grandparents. (In fact, there ARE tons of recordings and lots of resources.)

Do you have a book or other resources on piano lessons? Yes, I have a ton of ideas. I also have a ton of books in print. But you can only get those if you’ve got a piano and a piano teacher. There are people selling CD’s and CDs in this blog, if you’d like an autographed copy. You can also find a private group lesson as long as you’re paying.

Where can I find lessons? There are plenty of online musicians schools available. You get them from your school or the library and pay the cost. Most public schools, for example, have private lessons available to students regardless of how old they are. If you’re not sure of which school to take, ask.

Does it cost money to get good lessons?
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Yes, there is always a cost. But for most, it’s a whole lot less than it would be in a public school system. And getting good lessons is a great thing to do. Most schools will allow free online lessons with many others.

Can you get a concert hall for private lessons? I know there’s a company out there that offers concert halls on a sliding scale. As long as you meet payment terms, they will let you try. My parents have a concert hall which we use almost every day. If you’d like a private piano, ask your teacher.

How do you find a good teacher? I have my own list of what to look for…and I’m sure there are others. You can find a teacher online. I’ve had teachers teach at the local school for decades. My family has also had them teach there. Some teachers I know have been using them in their private lessons to their students for years. When I worked for a private school, they would give you a $1/hr tutoring fee!

My teacher taught me about four years ago. She told me it was only a few lessons and paid me $10/hr and had them send me a copy of the book! The book is called Beginner’s Piano in the Classroom. This book

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