Can you put too much rosin on a bow? – How To Learn To Play Violin Online For Free

There is a certain rule as to when the use can have an effect, and that is just below my elbows. If there is any fluid in the bow, the effects of the bow will come from the oil from the bow, not from the rosin. This is especially true if rosin is used with a long bow, because there is quite a difference between the effects of rosin with that type of bow vs. that with a short bow. As it turns out, using too much rosin will actually make your hand move away from you, which will actually lead to bad shooting.

If you are in a high situation (i.e., you will shoot from a tree or a bush) then you can always place more rosin in the bow. However, for most people this will be a non-issue, unless you have a very short range bow or you are hunting with an extremely high velocity bow. In this case, you will need to make sure that you are not placing too much rosin in the bow.

Once you have made sure that your bow is ready for the environment before you start any shooting activities, a good rule of thumb is to check the oil in the bow several times during the course of your shooting activities. If the oil gets stuck on the string and looks like this:

In this case, then you should be out of luck!

There are usually several solutions to this issue, some being better than others. First, to loosen the oil from the string, you can pull the string back a hair or two.

Also, a good trick with rosin is to take all of it out of the bow and give it a shake. Usually the rosin particles will fall out, and once they are gone, the rest of the rosin will be very slippery.

My answer to the first problem is to use a hair dryer. If you are shooting with a longbow and you are using enough rosin to make your hand feel like it will drop away, then you would never do this anyway.

My advice to the second problem is to use a high temperature oven or oven safe bowl in your rosin situation. If you are using too much rosin, then the rosin will stick to the string like wax! I often just leave my bow standing there, but if I wanted to remove the rosin, then I would need to use tweezers or something to remove the rosin from the string.


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